All day today I have thought about what to write for the last day of this challenge. Small moments have come and gone throughout the day, moments that could possibly be used in this post but I had rather reflect on this past month as a small moment in my entire life. I will continue to post to this online journal, but I am sure that it will not be every day. Now that I will not post a slice every day, I hope to add a few pictures when appropriate and learn a little more about how to navigate etc. I want to share a little bit about why this was such a good thing for us to be a part of. Chloe and I have both grown a little this month and I feel so excited that she asked to try the challenge with me and… has so surpassed my expectations. When I read her slices, I was often surprised, touched or even amused by her thoughts as they appeared on the screen. Her brain thinks in both the same and different ways from what I thought. Does that make sense? Together we have discussed favorite daily events and talked about what we were going to post at the end of the day. Together we learned about new ways to think about words and understand computers. Together we have enjoyed our March of slices. A slice for every day of March in 2009. Mostly, I am proud,WOW and that’s just about all I can say. (reference from  Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse…one of my favs)


So today, we are trying to decide what exactly to plant in our freshly composted and mulched flower bed while looking through the garden section of the hardware store. Definitely in over our heads… so many plants, too many to choose from. Chloe wants to pick pretty ones but we have gone done that path before. The pretty ones look great for about a week and then they start to droop and then…sudden death, like the fireflies in a jar I tried to keep all night so I could name them and make them my pets (mistake). I’ve never been quite sure what happened, but something mysterious overcame both the flowers and the fireflies. Now…I don’t want to plant just desert plants that make my house look like I live at the rest area either, otherwise why go to all the trouble of composting etc. In all things balance, I think to myself. Then we see it…ranunculus. What? I can hear you saying it to yourself. Chloe  is smitten with the showy, bright, multicolored BIG blooms. Too pretty, I think to myself …won’t last…doesn’t look nearly hardy enough for our green thumb, but we’ll look at the label. Chloe whips out her iphone and finds that it is a desert plant that likes full sun. What? Okay, so we bought two and we will keep our fingers crossed. They have been planted and are being watered as I write. We also bought some natives that are colorful without being rest area-ish and some Celosia. We all like Celosia. The best part…when my students say something goofy tomorrow I am going to say, and you can quote me Cait, “Don’t be ranunculus!”

Top Ten Things that made my Sunday Spectacular

10. Migas for breakfast with my fam

9. Purging my utility/storage/buffet of crap room…i feel so accomplished

8. Trying to decide what flowers to plant in my front flower bed

7. Watching the Jr. high and High school DI teams practice before state comp (WOW) 

6. Seeing Cait’s smiling face in the paper

5. Painting flower pots with Chloe

4. Taking junk to Goodwill that will not be returning to my house

3. Perfect weather for working outdoors

2. Grilling turkey burgers


1. Imagining what my raised backyard planter will look like when all of the vegetables grow…yippeeeeee

A great way to spend the last weekend of March.

Today while I was loading up a batch of clothes, dishes and toys to take to Goodwill, the phone rings.

“Mom, did you already buy your tickets for opening night to the play?”

“No, I tried to… online but the site told me that online tickets go on sale Monday the 30th.”

“Well you better go see if you can buy some at the box office because Lucille just came through the drive-thru at Starbucks and said Sunday is SOLD OUT. I am working until eleven and can’t go see what is going on.”

“Eeeeeka, how did this happen? I’m going right now…bye”

So I jumped in the car and headed to the theater to find that it was closed until 7:30 p.m. (30 minutes before curtain of the current play.) Total panic sets in. PLeasE ….PLeasE….PLeasE….I say out loud in the empty car as I think of what might possibly be the solution if all of the tickets for opening night are sold out like the Sunday show. Time passes at a snail’s pace until finally…7:25. Chloe and I hop in the car and are soon standing outside the box office window. We tell the very kind lady behind the glass our concerns and I mention that I am this nervous because I’ve heard that the Sunday matinee is already sold out and tickets have only been issued to members and not even to the public yet. I tell her that we usually get a card to send in our orders but for some reason we did not get one this time. I tell her that I am Pinocchio’s mother and this is Pinochio’s little sister and we really need her help. She is cool as a cucumber and rescues/ helps us because I will be in school when tickets go on sale Monday and I won’t be able to order.

Relief washes over us as we climb back in the car, tickets in hand (great seats):). I can even see the other performances if I am an usher, thanks kind theater lady that senses desperation. Breathe in…breathe out. I call Caity and she tells me that she had no clue what to do if we didn’t get to see it. She had already mentioned to the other baristas that I was overboard. We have all been counting the days at our house until the big night. My husband thinks I am nuts and says he wasn’t worried but I was. I feel so much better than I did a few hours ago. I promise to post a picture after the performance.

We had a cold snap today in my neck of the woods. When we went to bed last night we slept with the window open and even at 3 am when I woke to let the dog out, it was still in the 50s. That temperature quickly changed and at at 6 am it was in the upper 30s yikes! We had to take our jackets back out of the coat closet. Then the wind started blowing and currently we all have our warm flannels on again and I am making a pot of hot tea. It is funny  because I talked to my son today and he was talking about the Texas weather in NYC. He said it was warm and it felt so good to be outside in the sunshine. Both my husband and son are like desert lizards and love the heat and sun.I guess Mother Nature is playing an April Fool’s joke a little early. The good news is that it is supposed to be around 80 by Sunday but my poor little plants are going to be confused.

I had book club tonight…very eclectic mix of people. I guess I would say more conservative types than not but that always makes for good conversations. We are reading Atlas Shrugged so this month is the first half  of the book and April is the second half. But, since some of us had not started the 1000 page book (big mistake…eeka) we decided to just have wine and appetizers (I originally put apps but Chloe informed me that apps were for iphones and I certainly didn’t want to imply that we sit and have wine with our apps ha ha) anyway …I digress. So, we are discussing, sipping, updating, consuming apps when out of nowhere somebody says….and Iquote, “The economy would be in better shape if we didn’t give away all of our jobs to immigrants.” ME: “What…are you kidding….seriously….what jobs are you talking about….where do you think your ancestors came from…hmmmm….could it be a foreign land ….what tribe are you a descendant from because I must have totally missed your claim to being a Native AMERICAN…I must have been paying too much attention to my apps or looking for a shrimp when this thread of the conversation started.” Now, did I say any of these things out loud ? No because I didn’t want to appear too wine-y (spelling intended) but I thought about it quite a lot since that conversation. In fact, I have made copious mental notes and I think before the start of our next meeting, in an huber calm voice, I’m going to share some of my ideas in a loving way with malice towards none. I must. I hope it doesn’t offend, but to me… ideas and thought are mental currency that holds value over time, in any economic downturn or political circle. Words are so powerful and they are my currency of choice. I try sooo hard to tell my students to stand up for their beliefs and I encourage them daily to make informed choices when it comes to matters greater than SPONGE BOB, even when it is hard. It is the only way to be your best self. I mean it, really. I’m going a little PBS here, but THIS I BELIEVE ©.

When I was at the grocery store getting sushi for Cait before she rushed to play practice, I noticed one of my students that I adore standing in front of the counter that sells fried chicken. This particular little boy shares quite a bit of his personal life with me, more than most. He told me that he lives with his grandma and little sisters because his mom is in trouble. I didn’t ask any further and thought that if he wanted to tell me why…. he would, of his own accord. He wrote of the details in one of his slices and I saw his face watching me when he knew I was reading the slices from his table. I guess he wondered if I would ask him something about what he had written or  maybe treat him differently because of it. I didn’t and won’t, but today  I saw him holding his little sister on his hip ordering chicken, and acting like he was much older than his nine years. His grandmother pushed the basket around the corner about then with the other sister sitting in the seat. She started talking to my friend in Spanish and for a moment I wondered what to do. Should I say more than hello or just smile and wave. What to do…what to do??? I decided on the latter and was glad because grandma seemed kind of gruff. And then…. I heard him tell his grandma, “That is the one I told you about.” I do not know what he told her, but when I heard him whisper to her I totally changed my mind…. I turned back around and told his grandma how much I love her grandson and what a good writer he has grown into this year. She seemed shocked and my little friend’s face turned many shades of red. As I left, bewildered, I looked back just in time to see the gruff grandma ruffle his hair and smile at him. Made my day! So glad I changed my mind 🙂