February will be here on Tuesday. January is over and it feels like my new year is just starting. There was just so much post-holiday stuff going on that this is the first week I have felt settled in. So with that ….to new beginnings.
Kiki left for Florida this morning and Chloe and I have shared a lazy Sunday.
Still looking at my Christmas pictures and smiling about us all being together. I wonder what this year will bring as far as change for all of our family. I asked the the husband what he hoped for in 2011 just last night and he told me that he wanted to emerge healthier. Me, well I am sticking with transformed. More than health, though that is a part. I want to think of things in a different way, and move towards all the progress I have made over the last few months. Carried by momentum is not my jam but change is good and I am ready.