June 2009

This week has been a whirlwind, but in a good way…

1. The husband and I flew back from NYC and a wonderful visit with Jory:)

2. Chloe came home from her beach adventure about 5 shades darker. It is so not fair how easily she tans right up.

3. Caity made a decision about college that makes all of us feel like….finally ….a right fit.

4. We picked out paint colors for both Chloe’s bedroom and my new creative room (so exciting).


5. Yesterday, I had a birthday. Apparently I am 25 again Ha. Reflecting, this is a place on my life’s journey that I feel good about.

Hope  your summer is clicking right along.


The first week of SUMMER usually seems the sweetest. I love the idea of having the entire vacation time ahead of me just to ponder and plan out what I want to do. This last week was much needed. When I woke each morning I took a walk and listened… tried to clear my mind of all the junk that had crept in since I last de-cluttered the closet in my head. I am sure this seems strange to some people but I feel like all of the to-do lists, errands, don’t forgets, schedules and just life junk sometimes clutters my brain until the amount of space I have to bounce ideas off  is a shoe box instead of the walk-in space I need to create, sort,  and organize my thoughts.So, this past week I tried to purge the closet in my head.

This thought purging is not a simple thing for me to do.  At first it is hard to just BE, to pause and examine what is hanging on the rack of  mind. It  is easier to edit my mental wardrobe by shoving all the items that take more care or seem too showy to the back of the closet. I’ll just leave them there until next semester when there is more time and life is a calmer. During the school year when I am busy with students, my own children at home, and the hectic pace of the life, I tune out the voice in my head that says, “Stop, what do you really want to wear today, wouldn’t you like to try something different?”  I don’t have time to think or analyze or add new pieces. Life projects are ignored unless mandatory, blog posts are discarded, or put off, or deleted from the list. I realize must change this! Crazy takes over when I have no space.

Today, as I pack for a trip that I am so looking forward to I feel open to possibility, nervous about the adventure, glad to have the chance to go, but grateful for the space in the closet in my head. I do so love a purged closet. 🙂

I must confess, I have totally neglected my little blogging project. When Chloe and I set up our accounts for a slice of lofe challenge we hoped to post at least once a week even when the challenge month was over…ooops. It seems May has come and gone without a single post, and now that June is here I feel so at ease and it has everything to do with the pae of life. Caity’s graduation has come and gone and all went well. The husband and I celebrated with other family members and friends who know and love her. I think she knows we love her and eagerly await the next chapter in her life because it truly is a mystery what she will do or become. Chloe is enjoying some time at the beach with a friend and I actually have some time to do things that need to be done or not. I read an email sent from a friend this morning that really touched me and I have new resolve to listen to that inner voice that says all too often, BREATHE… take a moment… think about this… plan. Do you really want to do this? Is there time in life to take this on and still be sane? So, this is my promise to myself, my family, my friends, the world…I will move towards progress in all things good in life and  breathe and take a moment or two along the way. 🙂 

     Graduate Cait

Graduate Cait