My family went to see Malcolm Gladwell speak tonight. He is a remarkable author and just  fascinating to listen to in general. He had a lot to say about what makes Americans the people they are and some pretty intriguing ideas on capitalization. He gave the word a kind of new definition to my way of thinking. I am going to buy the latest book of his, Outliers, because I want to know more about his ideas and observations. Cait has read Blink already and she enjoyed it quite a bit. If she still has it, I will read it as well.

I felt so lucky to be there tonight, listening, observing, and thinking about the way humans interact with others in general. On the way home we had a great conversation about the ideas presented and there were times when we were all silent. In those moments I wish I could know what everyone else in the car is thinking. I am just curious about stuff like that. But mostly, I feel lucky to have people in my life that listen to and share their persoonal ideas openly. I am always surprised to find out how people I know and love  think. We all heard the same lecture but our ideas were all running in different directions.  If you ever have a chance to go see Malcolm Gladwell speak…. do it! It was a great experience and slice of my life this day in April.