April 2009

1. The hardest part is the decision. 

2. After the decision, all of the other decisions are focused towards supporting #1.

3. No matter what, it will be okay because LIFE is GOOD.

4. In retrospect, this will all seem over-thought.

5. There are positives and negatives in any decision made.


My family went to see Malcolm Gladwell speak tonight. He is a remarkable author and just  fascinating to listen to in general. He had a lot to say about what makes Americans the people they are and some pretty intriguing ideas on capitalization. He gave the word a kind of new definition to my way of thinking. I am going to buy the latest book of his, Outliers, because I want to know more about his ideas and observations. Cait has read Blink already and she enjoyed it quite a bit. If she still has it, I will read it as well.

I felt so lucky to be there tonight, listening, observing, and thinking about the way humans interact with others in general. On the way home we had a great conversation about the ideas presented and there were times when we were all silent. In those moments I wish I could know what everyone else in the car is thinking. I am just curious about stuff like that. But mostly, I feel lucky to have people in my life that listen to and share their persoonal ideas openly. I am always surprised to find out how people I know and love  think. We all heard the same lecture but our ideas were all running in different directions.  If you ever have a chance to go see Malcolm Gladwell speak…. do it! It was a great experience and slice of my life this day in April.

I am sooooo excited! We just finished booking our flights for NYC to see my boy. We will not go until this summer but I like to know enough in advance that I can look forward to going for a while and I love to see what there will be to do when we get there. I enjoy looking at all the places to explore and things to see and do. Looking at all of the museum exhibits and the schedules of display  just makes me sooooo happy. The last time we went was when my son was in high school. I never dreamed at that time that we would return to the city to visit him as an adult. When I called and told him we had booked our trip he said he would start thinking of the places we could go and things we could see. This time will be a total different experience from the one we had quite a few years ago. Life is Good!