All day today I have thought about what to write for the last day of this challenge. Small moments have come and gone throughout the day, moments that could possibly be used in this post but I had rather reflect on this past month as a small moment in my entire life. I will continue to post to this online journal, but I am sure that it will not be every day. Now that I will not post a slice every day, I hope to add a few pictures when appropriate and learn a little more about how to navigate etc. I want to share a little bit about why this was such a good thing for us to be a part of. Chloe and I have both grown a little this month and I feel so excited that she asked to try the challenge with me and… has so surpassed my expectations. When I read her slices, I was often surprised, touched or even amused by her thoughts as they appeared on the screen. Her brain thinks in both the same and different ways from what I thought. Does that make sense? Together we have discussed favorite daily events and talked about what we were going to post at the end of the day. Together we learned about new ways to think about words and understand computers. Together we have enjoyed our March of slices. A slice for every day of March in 2009. Mostly, I am proud,WOW and that’s just about all I can say. (reference from  Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse…one of my favs)