So today, we are trying to decide what exactly to plant in our freshly composted and mulched flower bed while looking through the garden section of the hardware store. Definitely in over our heads… so many plants, too many to choose from. Chloe wants to pick pretty ones but we have gone done that path before. The pretty ones look great for about a week and then they start to droop and then…sudden death, like the fireflies in a jar I tried to keep all night so I could name them and make them my pets (mistake). I’ve never been quite sure what happened, but something mysterious overcame both the flowers and the fireflies. Now…I don’t want to plant just desert plants that make my house look like I live at the rest area either, otherwise why go to all the trouble of composting etc. In all things balance, I think to myself. Then we see it…ranunculus. What? I can hear you saying it to yourself. Chloe  is smitten with the showy, bright, multicolored BIG blooms. Too pretty, I think to myself …won’t last…doesn’t look nearly hardy enough for our green thumb, but we’ll look at the label. Chloe whips out her iphone and finds that it is a desert plant that likes full sun. What? Okay, so we bought two and we will keep our fingers crossed. They have been planted and are being watered as I write. We also bought some natives that are colorful without being rest area-ish and some Celosia. We all like Celosia. The best part…when my students say something goofy tomorrow I am going to say, and you can quote me Cait, “Don’t be ranunculus!”