We had a cold snap today in my neck of the woods. When we went to bed last night we slept with the window open and even at 3 am when I woke to let the dog out, it was still in the 50s. That temperature quickly changed and at at 6 am it was in the upper 30s yikes! We had to take our jackets back out of the coat closet. Then the wind started blowing and currently we all have our warm flannels on again and I am making a pot of hot tea. It is funny ¬†because I talked to my son today and he was talking about the Texas weather in NYC. He said it was warm and it felt so good to be outside in the sunshine. Both my husband and son are like desert lizards and love the heat and sun.I guess Mother Nature is playing an April Fool’s joke a little early. The good news is that it is supposed to be around 80 by Sunday but my poor little plants are going to be confused.