I had book club tonight…very eclectic mix of people. I guess I would say more conservative types than not but that always makes for good conversations. We are reading Atlas Shrugged so this month is the first half  of the book and April is the second half. But, since some of us had not started the 1000 page book (big mistake…eeka) we decided to just have wine and appetizers (I originally put apps but Chloe informed me that apps were for iphones and I certainly didn’t want to imply that we sit and have wine with our apps ha ha) anyway …I digress. So, we are discussing, sipping, updating, consuming apps when out of nowhere somebody says….and Iquote, “The economy would be in better shape if we didn’t give away all of our jobs to immigrants.” ME: “What…are you kidding….seriously….what jobs are you talking about….where do you think your ancestors came from…hmmmm….could it be a foreign land ….what tribe are you a descendant from because I must have totally missed your claim to being a Native AMERICAN…I must have been paying too much attention to my apps or looking for a shrimp when this thread of the conversation started.” Now, did I say any of these things out loud ? No because I didn’t want to appear too wine-y (spelling intended) but I thought about it quite a lot since that conversation. In fact, I have made copious mental notes and I think before the start of our next meeting, in an huber calm voice, I’m going to share some of my ideas in a loving way with malice towards none. I must. I hope it doesn’t offend, but to me… ideas and thought are mental currency that holds value over time, in any economic downturn or political circle. Words are so powerful and they are my currency of choice. I try sooo hard to tell my students to stand up for their beliefs and I encourage them daily to make informed choices when it comes to matters greater than SPONGE BOB, even when it is hard. It is the only way to be your best self. I mean it, really. I’m going a little PBS here, but THIS I BELIEVE ©.