When I was at the grocery store getting sushi for Cait before she rushed to play practice, I noticed one of my students that I adore standing in front of the counter that sells fried chicken. This particular little boy shares quite a bit of his personal life with me, more than most. He told me that he lives with his grandma and little sisters because his mom is in trouble. I didn’t ask any further and thought that if he wanted to tell me why…. he would, of his own accord. He wrote of the details in one of his slices and I saw his face watching me when he knew I was reading the slices from his table. I guess he wondered if I would ask him something about what he had written or  maybe treat him differently because of it. I didn’t and won’t, but today  I saw him holding his little sister on his hip ordering chicken, and acting like he was much older than his nine years. His grandmother pushed the basket around the corner about then with the other sister sitting in the seat. She started talking to my friend in Spanish and for a moment I wondered what to do. Should I say more than hello or just smile and wave. What to do…what to do??? I decided on the latter and was glad because grandma seemed kind of gruff. And then…. I heard him tell his grandma, “That is the one I told you about.” I do not know what he told her, but when I heard him whisper to her I totally changed my mind…. I turned back around and told his grandma how much I love her grandson and what a good writer he has grown into this year. She seemed shocked and my little friend’s face turned many shades of red. As I left, bewildered, I looked back just in time to see the gruff grandma ruffle his hair and smile at him. Made my day! So glad I changed my mind 🙂