Our dog, Brinks, is nuts! I think he has SPRING FEVER! He is normally hyper anyway and usually wants out…. and in…. simultaneously, but today I had to give him a bone just to keep him occupied (and me from losing my sanity). At one point this afternoon I let him out and he jumped at the screen door to come back in before it had even shut. AAAAAAARRRRGGGHHHHHH! And he doesn’t just scratch, oh no ….he hurls his body full force and slams into the door. If you don’t let him in immediately…he jumps half-way up the door until he can see you looking out the window of the interior door. I wouldn’t even mention this except, this is my vent for the day. If I tell any other person in my family they all say things like, “We know he is crazy, it seems you are the only one who doesn’t realize it.” I do love him, I just wish he had better manners. Where is Caesar Milan when I need him?