Today was Caity’s last day of teaching fine arts camp for the community theater. She has volunteered for the past four years (every spring break) and it has been an important part of her life. I wondered when I woke this morning if I would hear from her  after today’s final performance, I knew it might be an emotional day. She called around five and told me she didn’t cry until the very end when one of her students from a couple of years back came up to her and said, “Miss Cait, is this your last fine arts camp?” It was an innocent question from a student that she didn’t even have this year that caused her to shed her first tears of the week. I wanted to tell her that it is so hard to let go sometimes but she already knows this, besides I might have cried if I would have voiced that thought at that very moment. Caity and I are  different in many ways but we have easy tears in common. My husband swears he lives in a house of always crying girls. I am so proud of Caity’s last four years of commitment to children. It is a big thing to give up  spring break vacation days for all  four years of high school without even a second thought.  Caity is so great at creating new connections with all types of people. It comes so natural for her, but letting go is always hard. I know she will have many important relationships in her future life and I am positive that she has learned much from her time as  “Miss Cait”. Moments spent with children are never wasted. I believe that the kids in our lives give us more than they receive, at least that has been my experience.