I love the views of a wide-open Texas sky! Last night  my little family of three (Chloe is the only kid who could come with us) walked all around the new and improved campus of the university where my husband and I went to college as a family of three (Jory went with us) twenty years ago. It was a perfect night for a walk because the sky was crystal clear and the only silhouettes visible in the distance were  the mountains. There was a faint breeze and I could hear the rustle of the tall grass that brought back so many memories  of summer nights spent in married, on-campus housing with all of the windows open in hopes of a cool breeze that would help us sleep. Even though the summer days were scorching, the nights were always cool because of the mountain breeze. My life has changed so much in twenty years. The campus has been dramatically renovated, and my little Jory that loved to draw pictures is taking them in NYC in a life of his own.  But… it is so comforting to know that some things don’t change that much in twenty years. The sound of the tall dry grass blowing in the breeze still comforts me late at night and I still have the best listener ever to talk and laugh with while I am waiting  for sleep to come. So very grateful. 🙂