At one in the morning Caity came in our bedroom and said, “Mom, I just checked my email and I got in. I’m accepted.” 

“Wow, that’s exciting, great Cait.” I whispered through a yawn.

It’s the time in Caity’s life where we look for the envelopes in the mail and she checks her email to see if she has “NEWS”. She has been waiting to hear from her dream school for a while now and I am glad she was accepted. Next step, making the decision. I think Caity has been an adult,ready for college (at least in spirit) , for quite some time now. She spent a lot of time with my grandparents when she was little and has a different perspective about things than many people her age. My gratitude  for the relationship she shared with both of them can not be measured. Their undivided attention to her every question and lengthy discussions about the answers and life in general created the unique individual that she is. I don’t envy the big decision ahead of her. In her mind, there are only two choices for what college she wants to go to. They are both very different, but I can see her being an active student at either. More than anything else, she is a student of life lessons so I honestly don’t know how she is going to decide because there are many variables to consider.