While we pedaled across a busy road in our town I heard Chloe yell, “I’m not going to make it across in time.”

It was too late for me to stop pedaling because I was already half way across the road, in the turn lane. I couldn’t stop and turn around. I thought she was right behind me before I heard her voice. As I turned my head and saw that she was stopped and waiting behind, on the opposite side of Garfield Street, I breathed a sigh of relief. Events like that one always make me panic for a minute. We have ridden in town long  enough that Chloe knows how to judge the speed of the traffic and when it is too risky for her to cross (thank goodness). Her father remarked that the lady that was driving way too fast on Garfield was also bending down to look for something and….she was talking on her cell phone.  He didn’t even think that she noticed us crossing.

When Chloe finally found a break in traffic and crossed, with us watching, we heard the air seeping out of her tire. That’s when we decided to just sit under a tree and wait for Dad to ride back home and bring a vehicle back to pick up Chloe’s bike. We laid down under a big tree and looked up at the birds in the branches above while we waited. It was a welcome relaxing few minutes after the crossing scare. When Dad came back we found a big nail in Chloe’s tire that had pierced two walls and gone all the way through to catch on the brake. We certainly didn’t have the LUCK O’ THE IRISH today but I am glad we will have another chance to ride before the week is up. I think we will go during a time that there is not quite so much traffic.