“You have 27.50 left to apply to your glasses.” The eye technician told me after I had made my final frame choice.

“What? I thought my glasses and frames would be covered under this insurance.” 

I was kind of disappointed today when I went to pick out my glasses. Had my eye exam a couple of weeks ago and thought I would wait and get my glasses when I had time to look during our break. I like Chloe to come with me because she gives me a straight up thumbs-up or thumbs-down, without sugar-coating. Well, after quite a lengthy search and finally, a selection, it turns out that my insurance benefits have been applied to my eye exam glasses/ contacts fee. So, all I have left is 27.50 UGH!!!! I guess I will keep my yucky glasses until next year when my benefits will not be used up by an eye exam. A glasses exam is good for 2 years and  contact exams only 1. Live and learn.