I’ve been thinking for quite sometime about the whole idea of patterns. I teach the idea of looking for patterns to my students. We look for patterns in language, the lives of people, and basically stories in general. Now… I believe in the ideas of finding and emulating patterns.I believe in creating patterns in life that lead to success and I believe that it is good to depend on patterns as a tool to help find answers. But I, personally, am not a pattern person.I feel boxed in by patterns…. quickly!  I can’t say exactly what it is; I’ve tried to pinpoint it and have thought about it a LOT.

Anyway, yesterday on my slacking Saturday, I thought about many things and it is funny because sometimes when you are thinking about something and have been for awhile….everyday life happens and  helps find the answers to your questions ,or brings you a little closer to resolution. Maybe you read something in a book or email, or talk to somebody that has a different perspective, or see something on television or in the world that affects your thoughts. I’d like to think it is a God thing.Ha… probably not, but it makes me smile. I imagine God granting me the answer to my question as a reward for persistence of thought. 

So yesterday…. I am thinking about the new patterns I am trying to both create and break in my life (for example learning more about computers and keeping fear at bay when I am trying things totally out of my comfort zone). I realized something that I guess I hadn’t really thought of before. Patterns that seem like positives in life can also be stifling at times. If you rely on patterns too often or believe in the patterns of the results, change can come to a standstill. For some that can be comforting,but for those of us who are invigorated by the unexpected and dependent on change, it is a bad thing. For me, this is when FEAR sets in because I am lulled into the comfort of a pattern I think in beneficial. I begin to fear the change I crave because I remember the patterns of past failures. The mundane patterns that keep me from growing and changing also comfort me for just a moment when I think about my past patterns of failure. It is a vicious circle! I don’t want to fall into the status quo mode that makes me feel boxed in. Does any of this make sense to anyone else? These are the thoughts I was contemplating in #3 of my Saturday slacking post and now…on to the laundry. It is stick-to-it Sunday. (I do realize this is tooo long for a slice, it is more an epic tomorrow will be short and really superficial)