Today was totally a slack off day:

1.Played in my art journal.

2.Enjoyed biscuits (from a can/ doesn’t count as productive).

3. Wrote some thoughts I wanted to remember for later while I watched the sun peek out from the clouds.

4. Chloe and I went to Sonic and ordered a half-price Coke.

5. Took a nap on the couch.

6. Sang to my favorite music.

7. Ate Thai take-out with my husband and made him promise to dance with me. (I think he will eventually give in).

8. Had coffee with Caity and hugged her before I left (she is such a cute barista).

9.Wrote a poem about trees (those redwoods have invaded my soul).

10. Spent wayyyyy to much time surfing and thought about Jory in Brooklyn.

And that ladies and gents is my top 10 list for slacking Saturday. Perhaps tomorrows will be be stick- to -it Sunday.