Tonight has been a great Friday night even though the weather is UGH and rainy. It is finally SPRING BREAK and Chloe and I decided to have a creative night to celebrate. She invited a friend to sleep over and we have worked on our art journals all night. We set up a folding table at counter height in the front room and we have just created ourselves silly (as my granny would say). Each of us has completed very unique pages; all of them have different styles and textures. The paints, paper, stamps, ink and pens are scattered all over our library table and we are deciding what vision to create next. Just taking time without limitations to put something totally unplanned on paper is so liberating. Being consumed in the creative process and letting whatever comes to mind flow onto the page  clears my mind of clutter like nothing else. I took a quick break to post my slice before we started on the second half of our creative fest. Our wonderful dad has created us a roaring fire and we are stocked up on s’more supplies. Life is good. Ahhhhhhhhh.