Today we started mapping out our scripts for our immigration plays. We have been researching topics in immigration for about a month now. The kids are really excited about using their research in fiction plays that address the themes they found during the research time. I am excited because all of our scenes will be original. We are not adapting a book or using a written play authored by someone else. It is original work. With that being said, there are some groups that are clicking right along and some groups that require more of my time than others. I am trying to ask the right questions (ones that help them make a change in their plans) but it is proving to be a learning experience for ME. Tomorrow we will take a look at our story-lines, characters, and factual data that must be included and start the script writing process. Each student will be helping to write, edit, and create the script that deals with the group’s chosen topic. I am hoping to have a rough draft done by the end of class time tomorrow but I will keep you updated. This is one of those times that things could go either way. It could be the greatest thing since sliced bread or totally bomb! Eeeeeka, makes me nervous.