Washing dishes (by hand) has been a part of our daily life for the past six months. Our dish washer kicked the bucket about then and at first it was a major pain to have to do the dishes. We all tried to pitch in and take turns but that didn’t work out. Then we all took a day of the week to do them and that didn’t work. Now we just do them and it ends up that every one of us has about the same amount of turns except for Chloe, but her time is coming when Cait goes to college next year. It is not as big a deal as it used to be to wash the dishes. We kind of worked out some little tricks to make it go a little faster and now I just kind of get in the dish washing rhythm. Today there was a sink full of dishes because we took a Saturday off but my husband volunteered to rinse and it went rather quickly. We hope to find the water softener we need this summer and then we will get a new dishwasher. When our dishwasher first went out it seemed like a major pain but now, I kind of like washing dishes? I know they are a lot cleaner and it feels good to know that I did them myself. Now drying and putting away…that is another story.