The weirdest thing happened today on our way home from the grocery store. As we tried to squeeze our way out into the left lane of traffic we needed to be in, I soon realized it would just be easier to turn right instead and take an alternate way home to save time. Winding our way through the maze of streets that we usually do not go down I am singing with the radio when Cait says, “Oh my Gosh MOM…we just passed a house that is an exact replica of our house. I am not kidding!”

       “What are you talking about? It can’t be exactly the same.”

     ” Go back, turn around. You are not going to believe me until you check it out for yourself.”

So I stop the car and turn around to verify this crazy claim and sure enough it is our house…exactly except in a strange bizarro kind of way. Same unusually colored brick (not my favorite but I have learned to live with it), same front flower bed, same windows, same shutters painted the same color, same cedar shingle roof (except ours has been replaced). There are even the same bushes planted in the front that we just dug up this past week and the trim on the house is painted the same color we painted ours. All of the other houses in the bizarro neighborhood look nothing like the houses in my current neighborhood. It was too eerie for sure. I am tempted to go and knock on the door and see who lives there, but I am not sure that I want to know. How creepy would it be if a lady came to the front door and she happened to look like me and be a teacher. Tomorrow I am definitely going back and taking a picture. I hope nobody notices me in the Twilight Zone. If we had not taken a detour because of traffic I would never have known that the house we have lived in for the past ten years has a bizarro twin.