One of the things that I love about almost SPRING is that I can see the sun shining before my work day begins. This morning I drank my coffee  and glanced at the sunlight  filling up the room and was just so comforted.It is nice to be home, in my front room where the early sunlight filters through my curtains. Ahhhhh. My house is not large  but sometimes it is comforting  in its coziness, especially in the morning sunlight. It has some of my favorite reminders of the life we live now and the life we have lived over the years and I enjoy spending quiet morning time just being still and thinking when there are a few spare moments.

After lunch, I went to take a friend a Dr. Pepper with good ice (I am partial to crushed ice) and we sat in the sunshine outside the hospital doors and visited about things going on. Her husband is very sick and will have to stay in the hospital longer than anticipated. We wondered out loud if she could bring him out of the doors of the hospital to spend some time in the sun. I think sometimes sun has medicinal powers for people who spend so much time outside. I hope that when my friend goes home, he stretches out in the sun on a lounge chair and takes a big fat nap. I think the power of the SPRING sun may have something in it to partly cure what ails him.