Today was the final day of testing (for this week) at my school. Each day this week I tested a new batch of kids from different schools -all of them sixth graders.I can’t deal with more than a couple days of testing and this was day four. I was in total OVERWHELM mode by this afternoon and to tell the truth I don’t know how kids can stand it. Bubble after bubble to fill in, row after row, all in neat little boxes on…. page after page. UGH! By the end of this day I felt like I could recite those bland directions from memory… verbatim. I understand the difference between subjective and objective data. I know the rationale behind it all but I hope that something happens soon that will help us all from having test burnout. I tell my students that what we are learning is not for A TEST! I tell them that when they grow up I want them to love to read and write. I hope they remember the sounds of beautiful words they hear in the world and see images in their minds that language describes. I enjoy reading books to kids and stopping at the “good” parts to listen to their thoughts. I believe that the time I spend with my students is valuable and on a good day, I hope they remember little bits of time and lessons that we shared. To me, the days that we test are lost moments that we can not retrieve. I will be so glad to see my students next week and see what exciting small moments they have shared via words in their notebooks. I can’t wait to see their faces when they read about their experiences to their groups. This week, lots has happened in my personal life  but this work week has been less than satisfying. Testing is what we would call a  character building experience for me (Mom & Mrs. Gomez).