Well, tonight my older daughter Cait went to the first rehearsal of Pinocchio.I am really excited for her because SHE is Pinocchio and she did not expect to be cast in that part. I remember this weekend we all went nuts when she told us instead of being Jiminy Cricket  she was going to be PINOCCHIO. It was Sunday afternoon and we were outside considering how to extract the aforementioned tree stump out of the ground (the husband dug out the last of it last night ;0). When she walked outside and told her father and I that she got the part of Pinocchio I started squealing right there in the front yard. I was so excited because only the night before she said, “You know I will be okay if I am just  crew.” She always says things like that to act like everything will be fine no matter what. When I heard her say that we had a pretty heated discussion. One too personal for public blogging (sorry). Anyway… at the end of our conversation I encouraged her to audition for the part she wanted and just think  que sera sera. This play will be a great experience and farewell performance for Cait’s senior year. I am so grateful we had that conversation and so grateful that Cait will be in this production. My nose might grow if I didn’t tell you that I am more than just a little proud of our Cait the Great. She would have made a great crew member but I think (personal bias) that she will make a perfect Pinocchio.