This weekend we packed up a big care package to send to Jory. Caity made chocolate chip/ walnut cookies to send, Chloe made an inspirational mini-book, and I added assorted multi-purpose medicines (he has a cold). Next, Frank wrapped the biggest part of the package in bubble-wrap and somehow made it fit inside the box. I was kind of doubtful that a bike would fit in our box, but it did. Whew! Today, after school, I drove to the Fed-Ex place to send the giant care package to Brooklyn. I don’t know too many people who receive a bike in a care package, but I don’t know too many people who love hand made bicycles as much as the Gomez guys. On my way to send the package, I thought about Jory riding his bicycle through the streets of New York City and taking pictures (two of his favorite things to do). I smiled to myself as I thought of him riding through Central Park. I have been trying to imagine what he is experiencing in his everyday life. The pace of NYC is so different from our small Texas town. Everything is different there. I am hoping that his bicycle will make him feel like he has a little piece of home with him in the city. Maybe when he rides his bicycle around his new city it will feel more like his new home.