Today was a busy Sunday! It is great to get outside on the first day of March and have it feel like the first day of May! It must have been the inspiration of the sun shining down full force that caused us to think that we could just pull up a tree that has been growing in the front of our house for at least 10 years plus (we have lived in this house since 1999). Frank made it look easy while he was digging up the hedges so I thought that I would help by starting on the next bush/tree.  As I grabbed the wooden handle of the shovel and pushed it down into the moist earth, I realized that there was more than dirt to dig through. Twisted roots blocked my shovel from even sinking in half way up the blade. Maybe this was not going to be as easy as I thought. Eeeka. In an instant I felt totally overwhelmed. The images of my native plant oasis were floating away like a desert mirage before my eyes. At this moment, my front flower bed tree stump is surrounded by a moat of muddy water. Perhaps tomorrow I will conquer the the remnants of the stump. Hmmm… maybe we could just hammer a tabletop into the stump and set a birdbath on top of it. 😉